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GNOME VFS pjb method 0.2 [03.05.03]

The latest CVS version of the pjbsdk, this can now be used to copy node off of the device, rename and delete nodes. Work is continuing on writing to the device, this will also mean changes to the pjbsdk before it can be completed.

GNOME VFS pjb method update [06.10.02]

Start of proper coding of the vfs method (see CVS).

Updated RH8.0 Documentation [20.11.02]

Improved documentation for the RH8.0 platform.

GNOME2 version prototyped [01.07.02]

Initial prototype of the GNOME2 version of the pjbmanager

New development version [06.05.02]

Start of new development version of the pjbmanager, see news section for details

pjbvfs prototype [14.04.02]

Work has now started on a GNOME VFS pjb module (see screenshots section)

pjbsdk 3.1.4 RPMs [09.03.02]

pjbsdk 3.1.4 RPMs now available for download.

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Development - Roadmap

Copyright © 2002 by Mark humphreys


Don't expect this plan to have any real reflection in real-life, it is just a guideline on which order development will take place!

Currently we are between the release of 0.3.2 and 0.4.0, but don't hold your breath.

In order to properly maintain control over the project, this development roadmap will outline the steps required for a version 1.0 release!

Before any official release is made, a number of candidates are released for user testing, and the development is feature frozen, so no new major bugs are introduced before a major release. Each release should have 1 or 2 candidates before the final code freeze and work can commence on adding new features to the development release.


Sometime in the middle of this roadmap, the GNOME organisation will release the GNOME 2.0 platform, there will be a need to port this application to the new platfrom, so the development and release cycle may well slow down whilst porting problems are ironed out.

0.3.1 (development only)

Rewrite of the user interface, using 'nice' graphics, adding export function to retrieve files from the pjb100.

0.3.2 (first official release)

Added internal drag and drop, export to XML / HTML, sorting and searching. Many improvements over the 0.3.1 codebase. Release candidate (0.3.2rc1) for extended user feedback.

Release of second release candidate for further feedback

Allow review of uploaded files before commit to the pjb


Allow optional manual flushing of TOC to pjb

Rewrite of upload mechanism to allow the preservation of ID3 tags, and a mechanism for edittng them. This will also allow the upload / retrieval of any file, making the pjb100 a method for the transport of files


Maybe the ability to play contents directly?

Make / upload / download cue files

Content questions?   Technical questions?

© 2002 - Mark Humphreys