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GNOME VFS pjb method 0.2 [03.05.03]

The latest CVS version of the pjbsdk, this can now be used to copy node off of the device, rename and delete nodes. Work is continuing on writing to the device, this will also mean changes to the pjbsdk before it can be completed.

GNOME VFS pjb method update [06.10.02]

Start of proper coding of the vfs method (see CVS).

Updated RH8.0 Documentation [20.11.02]

Improved documentation for the RH8.0 platform.

GNOME2 version prototyped [01.07.02]

Initial prototype of the GNOME2 version of the pjbmanager

New development version [06.05.02]

Start of new development version of the pjbmanager, see news section for details

pjbvfs prototype [14.04.02]

Work has now started on a GNOME VFS pjb module (see screenshots section)

pjbsdk 3.1.4 RPMs [09.03.02]

pjbsdk 3.1.4 RPMs now available for download.

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GNOME 2 pjbmanager2

With the almost complete release of the GNOME 2 platform, the next release of the pjbmanager for GNOME 1, will be the last of this incarnation, below is a snapshot of the application in the early being ported to GNOME 2

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Version 0.3.99

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Version 0.3.3

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GNOME VFS module view via Nautilus

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Version 0.3.1 / 0.3.2

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Version 0.3.0

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Version 0.2.1

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